Secure escrow Payment

Secure escrow payments for your business

Inspire your clients’ confidence with our customisable escrow system for your specific business need


Our flexibility - direct integration or affiliate partnership, allows you to generate revenue from transactions on your marketplace. Our verification process ensures that your buyers and sellers transact in total confidence.


Eliminate the risks that come with shipping out items without financial commitment from buyers. Our instant digital escrow system provides an alternative to pay-on-delivery.


Efficiently manage your clients and onboard them seamlessly with our Enterprise solution.

Why Vesicash?

Identity Verification

Reduce frauds and verify your users with our watertight ID checks.

Dispute Resolution

Our proprietary Dispute Resolution process ensures that any disputes that may arise during the course of a transaction are resolved amicably and promptly.

Secure Payment

Financial commitment is our core and we ensure the funds are held until both parties are happy.

Data Insights

Our data insights enable you to convert, retain and manage your clients efficiently.


  • Flexible integration option
  • Verified users, portable accounts
  • Milestone Payments
  • Customisable API, specifically built for Developers
  • Advanced features with regards to your business needs


  • Fully transparent process
  • Funds held securely in escrow
  • Reduction in order return rate
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Customised features based on your Business needs
  • Integration is a breeze with Vesicash’s API


  • Complete transparent process with instant updates
  • Protect client’s fund in a secure escrow
  • Instant digital access, anytime, anywhere

Our Customers

By transacting on our verified partner platforms, ensure that your funds are always protected with Vesicash, your trusted intermediary for online transactions.